Priaxon Drug Development


  1. Candidate nomination of Helicase inhibitor for progression into clinical candidate nomination
    • Frontrunner and back-ups profiled for non-clinical PK, preliminary PK/PD, predictive TK/Tox
    • Phase I enabling tox package
  2. Development of apoptotic modulators for radio- and chemoprotective applications during cancer therapy
  3. Identification of potent MCL1 inhibitors (MDMx as back up) with proven in vivo activity in non-clinical proof of concept studies
    • High value license deal
  4. Ongoing discovery research on additional PPI targets (HpgGT, pak-1, Bcl-6) and expansion of technology platform performance to expand PPI capabilities
    • Further multiple early stage out-licensing deals
    • Filling the future pipeline


Priaxon has 3 pre-clinical development programs in progress:

  • MDM2: in cooperation with Boeringer-Ingelheim
  • 517PXN: an apoptotic target (radio- or chemo- protection)
  • 509PXN: Helicase (pancreatic or hepatocellular cancer (HCC))