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Jun 14, 2010
Faron and Priaxon: Cardiovascular Deseases Research Collaboration in the field of PPI


Press release on June 14, 2010

Faron and Priaxon announce a collaboration to generate a new class of AOC3/SSAO antagonists.

Faron Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Turku, Finland ("Faron") and Priaxon AG, Munich, Germany ("Priaxon) today announced the entry into a collaboration and commercialization agreement to obtain new superior AOC3/SSAO antagonists. This collaboration combines two world-class technologies, the thorough understanding of the AOC3-protein and its ligand interaction with the rapid discovery engine for the development of new chemical inhibitors of protein-protein interactions. The goal of the collaboration is to create completely new scaffold structures to modify this interaction and the AOC3 function with orally available drugs.

"AOC3 and its enzymatic domain SSAO (semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase) have a central role in many chronic inflammatory conditions that could lead to deterioration of vasculature and key organs", said Dr. Markku Jalkanen, Chief Executive Officer of Faron Pharmaceuticals. "The collaboration with Priaxon will take us to the next stage of the development of new superior antagonists of the AOC3 protein and its ligand interaction".

"We are delighted to be working with Faron who we recognize as leaders in the biology of the AOC3 and its ligands," said Dr.Jürgen Kolb, Chief Executive Officer of Priaxon. "Our strength is to rapidly uncover small molecule therapeutics from our vast pre-encoded chemical reaction library and we are convinced that Priaxon is able to develop promising inhibitors of AOC3."

About Faron Pharmaceuticals
Faron Pharmaceutical Ltd. is a virtual drug discovery and development company in Turku, Finland. Today Faron has three major drug development projects focusing on acute traumas, incipient vasculopathies, inflammatory diseases, and cancer/metastasis growth. Faron's lead product Traumakine® is currently in the phase I/II study in UK to treat vascular leakage in ALI/ARDS patients. For more information on the company, please visit http://www/faronpharmaceuticals.com or contact:
Markku Jalkanen, CEO
Phone: +358-40-520-6124
E-mail: markku.jalkanen@faronpharmaceuticals.com

About Priaxon
Priaxon is an emerging pharmaceutical company building a pipeline of novel drug candidates in different therapeutic fields, but mainly focusing on protein-protein interactions in oncology and other diseases. The goal is to discover and develop candidates for validated but hard-to-drug targets using two orthogonal drug discovery platforms.
For more information on the company, please visit http://www/priaxon.com or contact:
Jürgen Kolb, CEO
Phone: +49-89-452130820
E-mail: kolb@priaxon.com