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Feb 04, 2013
Research Collaboration with Ontochem on Orexin Receptor Modulators Covered by ZIM-Grant

Munich, Germany, February 4, 2013 - Priaxon AG, Munich and Ontochem GmbH, Halle, win grant from Central Innovation Program SME (Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand - ZIM) to research and develop Orexin receptor agonists for the treatment of pain.

Orexins are neuropeptide hormones which bind to a group of receptors in the brain and regulate different functions such as sleeping and eating patterns but also modulate pain perception. It has been demonstrated that activation of Orexin receptors reduces pain sensitivity in mouse models. Ontochem GmbH has the biological capabilities for Orexin receptor drug discovery and already identified first active compounds. Within the cooperation Priaxon will use its technology platform to research and develop new chemical entities as Orexin receptor agonists for the treatment of pain, thereby expanding its drug discovery expertise towards GPCR targets.