Drug Discovery

Priaxon has developed a unique, proprietary technology platform for protein protein interactions (PPI) drug discovery.
PriaXplore® employs novel computational and synthetic approaches to address PPIs with small molecule modulators. PriaXplore® utilizes Multicomponent Reactions (MCRs) in combination with classical organic chemistry to create an in silico search space of 200 Millions of compounds pre-selected for PPI relevance. The PriaXplore® in silico screening process combines four independent descriptor systems to search the MCR product space with maximum speed and accuracy.
The combination of independent description methods enables a highly efficient selection of potential hit compounds. Smaller sets of compounds have to be synthesized and tested, lab resources are saved.
The technology has successfully been applied for the development of inhibitors of the MDM2-p53 interaction, which became partnered with Boehringer-Ingelheim on a co-development basis. Recently Priaxon could announce another broad collaboration on protein protein interactions with GlaxoSmithKline validating its technology platform. Several other PPI drug discovery projects are in progress.

PPI Drug Discovery Pipeline

The heart of Priaxon's drug discovery platform allows unifying highly innovative preparative strategies with equally ground-breaking novel chemoinformatic methods. By the combination of several hundreds of validated multicomponent reactions (MCRs) with classical organic chemistry the largest molecular space of drug-like compounds (>1billion)has become accessible. To navigate this space new powerful molecular descriptors and superior filter algorithms have been developed.

Based on Priaxon's experience and the validated technology approach the company is working successfully on further novel challenging targets in many other therapeutic fields within various strategic collaborations. Priaxon's goal is to discover and develop candidates for validated but hard-to-drug targets mainly focussing on protein protein interactions in oncology and other diseases.